Find a registered osteopath in the UK
Find a registered osteopath in the UK



Welcome to Victory Counselling

Finding hope in hopeless situations.  Empowering you for a better future.

My name is Jason Frederick Needs and welcome to my website.  I set this website up so that I can provide a counselling service to people across the whole of the world from the comfort of their own home.  Victory Counselling is an affordable, friendly counselling service, specialising in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Stress Managment and Relationship Counselling. 

Let me tell you a bit about myself. 

It has been said that experience is the best teacher, I would say that it is a hard teacher having had a lot of experience in many if not all the areas of counselling that I specialise in.  I am married to my wonderful wife Joanna and have 4 children; Leo, Samantha, Amy and Luke.  As well as a counsellor specialising in psychotheraphy, I am also a profesional fitness instructor and nutristionist

Therapy`s I emphaise on are Cogneitive Behavioural Therapy, The Skilled helper module and psychosynthesis.  I also draw upon other forms of psychotherapy as the need arises.

I suffered bereavement at the age of 13 when I found that my dad had died of a heart attack in my home while I was alone.  This affected me throughout my life, I suffered agoraphobia and panic attacks, low self esteem, guilt and relationship problems to name a few.  I felt suicidal and without hope.  The counselling I offer you is the counselling that has helped me to overcome the problems I had to come through in order to gain victory and peace in my life.  I now use the suffering I went through to help people like you find hope and victory

My own experiences and sufferings have made me more understanding, compationate and patient.  It has also given me a real empathy for people that have been crushed and frustrated by seemingly hopeless situations You can have victory, You can have hope and You can succeed.

I will walk shoulder to shoulder with you as we face the world and all it throws at you and together I will help you gain victory, hope and peace in your circumstances and life.  It sounds exciting, unbelieveable too good to be true, it cant be that easy you say.  It isn`t easy but yes it is exciting, true and possibleYou can have hope, why suffer a day longer, let you new life begin today.



Find a registered osteopath in the UK

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