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 Setupmy.com is a content management system, which provides means to create and edit your own webpages to non technical person.

      This is an experimental template. It`s primary purpose is to determine the steps required to install in within the setupmy.com system, but also it will serve to streamline this process.

The Process :

     Once the template is designed with lorem ipsum content key aspects have to be replaced. For setupmy.com these include:

  • Logo
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Keywords
  • Mete Description
  • Site Title
  • Site Subtitle
  • Menu
  • Major Image
  • Body Content
  • Footer
  • Hit Counter 

Template Graphics :

Graphics suiting the design must be sourced and universally referenced.mainly two types of graphical images used in template other than dedicated template graphics which is fixed in some of the templates.

  1. Major Image          
  2. Logo Image 

In a given template templates major image generally forms main theamatic header image of the template. Generally major image provided with couple of selective default option with it, where as user can upload his own major image at any part of time which eventually satisfies the given specification such as width and height.

To find out Pricing for setupmy.com templates please click here

Also click here to try out some of the newly added template.

The files must be uploaded to the templates directory and other related source locations (e.g. images for graphics, css for styles). A demo version of the template must also be created to allow users to preview it.

Referencing in the system

There are (at least) 2 places that need to be updated to make the template available to SetUpMy.com users. Firstly, the Try It Now process provides a thumbnail screenshot and a preview demo of the template, and then the Appearance area allows users to select the template should they decide to change....

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