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Alexander Technique

Who am I ?


Brice RomeBryce Rome, a Chartered Surveyor who has completed the 3-year, full time Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique’s approved training.  His experience in inner game sports coaching and tai ji practice naturally influence his teaching style. He is particularly interested in the applications of the Alexander Technique in the office environment and in playing sport.  Bryce himself is a keen tennis and golf player and is currently applying the principles to Chi Kung.






What is the Alexander Technique?


The technique was discovered by FM Alexander an Australian actor, who had voice difficulties whilst reciting. Lessons are taught on a one to one basis using verbal instruction and gentle hands on guidance to help release excessive muscular tension and distortion in the body. 


A series of 20- 30 lessons is recommended so you learn how to prevent your habits of habitual unconscious tightening. By means of re education you can discover how the body can function with appropriate, minimum effort and how this can be applied to activities as operating a computer or performing in the arts or any sport. 


The Alexander Technique is a skill that anyone can learn and provides effective self help for recovering from injury or promoting good health. 


Click on the link  for a 12 min video on the Alexander Technique