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Penalty Tickets, Wheel Clamping, Tow away, ANPR, Parking Attendants, Security for Private / Residential and Pay & Display Car Parks . Control Room 020 8751 1676

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Clamp & Tow Services Limited is a Parking Enforcement Agency which is primarily involved in providing maximum spaces to the owners of the private car parks by controlling illegally parked vehicles by means of issuing warning leaflets, issuing penalty tickets, wheel clamping and towing away the persistent offenders and providing maximum availability of spaces to the authentic users or permit holders of the car parks.
We follow a strict Code of Practice which is within the law and the terms of the Security Industry Authority..
Penalty tickets, wheel clamping and vehicle removal has proved to be the most effective deterrent and cost effective solution against unauthorised parking on private property. 
Car park management is a sensitive issue and our aim is to always ensure that it is not too distressing for the offender. It is because of this we invest a lot of effort into correctly selecting our parking control officers who even have the authority to waive clamping fee in special circumstances i.e. disabled or at your(the contractor) request.
The company is specialized in immobilising the unwanted vehicles and the highly skilled and professional staff is solely busy in keeping the car parks clean from unauthorized cars.
You the client, have the control over the nature and frequency of the enforcement. If required we can supply window notice`s for you to use as a warning before the actual enforcement begins. Or if you require the site to be patrolled and enforced on a regular basis this can of course be activated with the use of one of our local agents. You may prefer only to use the enforcement service on an ad hoc basis. The service can be tailored to your individual needs and is completely flexible.


  • Clamp & Tow Services mobile units use highly visible sign written vans and all the patrolling officers are well trained, fully uniformed and carry their SIA licence at all times.
  • Every vehicle that is wheel clamped has several digital photographs taken to confirm the date, time, location and the nature of the contravention and these can be called upon if further evidence is required.
  • When called to release a vehicle our operatives will fully explain the reason why the immobilization has taken place, accept payment of the release fee and issue a receipt.
  • Also they will explain the appeals/complaints procedure. Our aim is always ensure that it isn`t too distressing an experience. After all, our behaviour reflects directly on our clients. For this reason we regard the courtesy of our staff as paramount. We train them to respond diplomatically and politely, whatever the circumstances.
  • As we all know enforcement is a highly sensitive and emotive issue, this is why Clamp & Tow Services operates an individually agreed policy for each client. Our enforcement operations are introduced in a manner and at a pace that is appropriate for every client and location.
  • We are experts in tailoring parking solutions to provide overall optimum benefits. Our client-focused approach involves working closely with you to ensure that every aspect is taken into account.
  • Whatever the size, nature or location of your car park, The Clamp & Tow Servies is able to advise and supply you with a bespoke management solution. We work with you systematically and sensitively, to provide a professional and efficiently managed parking environment.
Our considerable experience in managing a wide variety of parking schemes gives us the expertise to advise you on the right solutions for your business. Our aim is not only to meet, but to exceed your expectation.