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Henry the 9th
OFF with their Heads!

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I am a rapper from Peckham Southeast London. My music is aimed at passing on a message that will open your mind to a different world and perpective. Till today my life has been pretty shit, different day same shit! In my music I talk about the things iv learned, the things I do, the things I see and the things Iv experienced. The aim is to reach a fan that has similar views to me and understands fully where I`m coming from. I treat my fans like my kids simply because I don`t want them to make the same mistakes iv made. 

I used to be a kid, who wouldn`t think twice to buss someone`s head open, never used to talk it was just straight up action. Until I got older and realised that one day I`m gonna die and will have to answer to someone. The youth don`t understand the agenda that is planned for the them (the black youth) they don`t understand that they don`t want us to go far, and smoking weed and and shotting is all part of their plan to keep us contained. Once they`ve got you as a kid they got you forever!