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Roman Acres Self-Catering Holiday Cottage

Delightful self-catering holiday cottage near Stratford upon Avon & Warwick.
Sleeps 2 | WiFi | DVD/TV | Quiet Village Location

Stop Highlands & Islands Transportation Extras
Don't Pay Extra Because Of Where You Live

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  • Use another supplier who doesn`t charge extra.
  • Let the Supplier know that you will NOT be buying from them and why!
  • Tell your mates, family and anyone else you can think of, not to use companies/individuals who discriminate against us on the basis of our location.
  • Try reversing the process - sell something on Ebay and under P&P Details, indicate that anyone outside Scotland will be charged an additional carriage rate; we are actually just as far away from them as they are from us! I don`t actually recommend this, however it`s an argument I`ve used a couple of times and been successful in changing their mind.
  • I`m going to look at raising an on-line petition and get as many folk as possible to sign it, then submit copies to Westminster,  Holyrood, Ebay and maybe even ask the EU to investigate this blatant discrimination.
  • I`m investigating the setting up of a Facebook account to pubicise the issue - I`ll probably be required to alter the title as I don`t think S.H.I.T.E. will get very far.

What can you do?

Fill in this form with your details and information about the supplier and what they want or wanted to charge you ADDITIONALLY for "Highlands and Islands" carraige.

This information will be available on Google Cloud as a spreadsheet by clicking on this link: Anyone can use this to quickly check if the supplier they intend to use is known to charge extra for delivery to H & Is.


Please Note:- This list is NOT definitive; you are advised to check P&P details with every supplier you intend to use. If you find that this supplier intends to charge extra for delivery to H & Is, please add them to the list.