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How do I react......

I  to pay the extra and if the supplier does not relent, I find an alternative supplier who will send what I want at a standard P&P charge.

I do make sure that the supplier who was going to charge extra for delivering to my home, knows that I`ve gone elsewhere and why!

The normal reaction to this is for the supplier to inform me that it`s "not our fault - the courier charges extra for your postcode". My reaction to that is "Use a DIFFERENT courier!"

"Oh, but that`s the courier we use for all our business." Well tell him you`re NOT going to use him until he STOPS discriminating against people who live in Scotland! Use someone else for certain postcodes - or better still - use someone else all the time and see how they react!

"But it`s such a long way away; I understand why they charge more." Well they don`t charge me EXTRA to send to Cornwall; I`ve never been asked to pay more because someone lives in Wales, Brighton, Newcastle or Blackpool - but I AM asked to pay more by SOME suppliers based in GLASGOW to get something to me in Aberdeenshire!

Royal Mail and Parcel Force don`t charge extra; quite a number of couriers don`t; in general Amazon don`t; quite a few sellers on Ebay don`t, whilst others charge an arm and a leg.

I recently enquired about a shock absorber and looked at 4 different suppliers on Ebay; the first one was going to charge £6.99 - the same for ALL customers, the second indicated that the standard charge was £8.82 or if you lived in Inverness it would be £12.00! The third supplier however offered UK delivery at £6.99 unless you lived in certain postcode areas and mine was one. What did they wish to charge me? £41.99! and the best bit - the supplier is in Northern Ireland! Needless to say they will not be getting MY custom! The final seller offered FREE P&P - but they also charged more for the actual shock absorber but, hey, it`s swings and roundabouts.

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